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Daily Archives: February 13, 2012

Pet Grass

Artificial grass is a true value when it comes to keeping your pet happy and those dog runs / dog kennels neat and tidy. Pet grass is also the most comfortable surface for your pet. Using gravel or decomposed granite can cause paws to become raw and tender. Artificial grass dog runs are soft on the paws and will give your pet a comfortable area for him or her to sleep and play on.

The amount of pet grass styles available today are increasing dramatically. Generally, the quality of grass that is offered through most legitimate contractors is comparable between the companies. The average product cost is between $2.50 – $4.00 per square foot, and lesser quality products sell for $.99 – $1.99 per square foot. What home owners will find, specifically in San Diego, Orange County and San Bernadino County, are dramatic variances in the installed price. We have seen […]

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San Diego Paver Suppliers

San Diego residents looking to improve their home with interlocking pavers have access to some of the nations best, most recognized paving stone manufacturers. In all, there are 6 main manufacturers that supply San Diego with beautifully molded interlocking pavers.

RCP block and brick is the only locally owned and operated manufacturer in San Diego – their pavers are made in Otay and are sold out of their 7 retail locations across San Diego county.

The six manufacturers are:


Each manufacturer molds similar or standard paver styles such as RCP’s antique cobble, Belgard’s Cambridge Cobble and Ackerstone’s Antique Kobble. Each manufacturer also molds their own unique style of paver – these are typically designer style pavers which run a little more expensive.

Below is a chart of each manufacturer and a few of their most popular paver styles.


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