Panjia is a full service landscape design / build company, with designers who specialize in all aspects of the landscape process. It is our firm belief that a beautiful landscape installation should ALWAYS begin with an engaging, well planed landscape design. Adding to the benefits of choosing Panjia to create your outdoor living environment is that when our expert craftsmen complete your landscape installation – your landscape design is free!

Landscape Design



If, on the other hand, you’re a do-it-yourself-er, your affordable landscape design will be yours to utilize as an expert built map that will guide you through your project.

Finally, if you choose to have someone else do the work for you – you will have a professionally designed landscape with a full list of materials and scope of work so that you can have potential contractors bid and provide you with competitive evaluations.

In order to maximize the enjoyment you receive from your home – not to mention its value – it is becoming increasingly important that the design of your backyard landscaping be given the same attention as the interior of your home.

Landscape design fees vary depending on size and complexity, however, most landscape design fees around around $1,500.00 for a complete 2d plan set. This includes planting plan, hardscape plan, lighting plan, drainage plan and material call out sheets. If you decide the contract with Panjia for the implementation of your landscape project then 100% of your design fee is credit back towards your installation costs!

Panjia is excited to work with you in creating your outdoor living space. Stop staring wistfully out your windows, envisioning a fabulous pool, enticing barbecue, and gorgeous landscaping. Our landscape designers will help you optimize the space you have and create the outdoor living environment of your dreams.