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Patio Pavers

PaversAs the use of interlocking concrete pavers increases (mainly because of their affordability, strength, and superior design capabilities) their applications have become more and more diverse. They are no longer used predominantly on driveways or commercial applications. In fact, Panjia installs just as many patio pavers as we do driveway pavers.

Patio pavers are the best alternative to poured-in-place concrete, asphalt or natural stone. At a comparable price to stamped concrete, your patio pavers will be backed by a lifetime warranty and will add instant value and appeal to your home.

Pavers are unique because of their flexible, interlocking system and their superior durability and strength. Patio pavers are guaranteed to not crack or chip. Asphalt crumbles, flagstone will peel, flake and crack, concrete cracks – what else is there? Patio pavers! The only pavement option that offers assurances against each of the above mentioned issues and will hold up to the elements are patio pavers.

Panjia’s design consultants will work with you, and your budget, to find an affordable solution that will meet your project needs. Patio pavers can usually be installed in a week or less and be ready for use the day your project is complete. Give us a call or send us an email for more information about patio pavers.