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Patio Pavers – San Diego

With spring time and barbecue season quickly approaching, many people are starting to think of ways to improve their outdoor entertaining areas (patios), to create a relaxing oasis for their friends and family for the coming summer months. Replacing old cracked, dull concrete is often high on the list of things to consider. If replacing your existing patio concrete is something you are considering and are not sure what the options are when it comes to patio pavers, please allow us to introduce some of them to you. Engineered by the early Romans, patio pavers have proven that the flexible interlocking system is the strongest and longest lasting paving method known to man.

Modern patio pavers are stronger than ever, with a mandatory compliance strength rating of 8,000 pounds per square inch (compared to 2,500 of standard concrete) paving stones will not crack when the earth starts to shake. When installed […]

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